Most Commonly Played Band Instruments

Playing an instrument in the school band is a part of many students’ childhood experiences. Helping your child choose the best instrument to play when they decide to join the band can help them enjoy the biggest, best experience as they gain valuable life lessons they’ll take with them throughout life. What are the band instruments that your child can choose from to play?


The saxophone, often times called simply a sax, is a woodwind instrument that produces deep, melodramatic notes.  You oftentimes hear the sax used in jazz music.

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A flute is a wind instrument that makes various whimsical notes by placing finger(s) over the holes on top of the instrument.  The flute is made using a long piece of material (usually metal.) It is usually held vertically at the lips.


Despite having only three keys, the trumpet is not an easy instrument to play. Kids dedicated to learning their instrument can thrive, however. The trumpet is an intriguing instrument for both boy and girls to play.


The clarinet is a woodwind instrument. It is oftentimes an instrument used to produce jazz and orchestral music, since it produces deep tones. Many clarinet players cite the instruments ease of playing as their reasoning for this selection.


The trombone is another musical instrument that is needed in the school band and fun for kids to play. This instrument is in the brass family and is deep and dramatic in nature.

Children love to play instruments in the school band! You can easily find band instruments for sale when your child is ready to play. No matter which instrument he or she chooses to play, you’ll feel good when they take an interest in music! These instruments are just a few of the many that are perfect to play in the school band.