A One Piece Sleeper For The Baby

And finally, a once in a lifetime sleep beckons for you too. Because it has been how many weeks and months since you last got a full quota of uninterrupted eight hours of beauty sleep since you gave birth to that sweet child of yours. Yes, it has been that hard on you. That is what being a young mother is all about. And it does not make any difference to the once quiet household when that handsome fellah of yours, like the true gentleman that he is, gets up at two am in the morning and does his turn at bottle feeding your little precious.

Because the amount of noise she makes is enough to wake any neighborhood up. But never you mind, time to go shopping. Again, and yes, for even more baby paraphernalia. This time though, you’ll be filling your online shopping cart with what’s known as baby sleepers. Its clothing for baby but with a difference. Yes, it is a one piece jumper type suit. You’ve got a few of those in the baby’s nursery drawer already you say, but no, not like this lot.

Not for nothing is it called a one piece sleeper for the baby. And you may as well make a note that any time after you’ve slipped a new pair on for that darling of yours; it’s going to be a sleeper and half for you and your hubby as well. That’s because these sleepers are so absolutely comfortable. It’s especially great for cold winters because it’s lined with that special fleece that generally warms the cockles of anyone’s heart.

baby sleepers

It will warm the cockles of our hearts pretty soon after we learn that you’ve finally got down to sleep.